Day of Visit: 1-19-2000
Client: SAMPLE
Location: SAMPLEVILLE - Main Street
Business Level: Busy
Employee 1: WENDY (WF, 22-25, 5'3", reddish brown hair tied back, clean uniform, no name tag or introduction; apron dirty with dark stains to lower right)
Employee 2:
Sub ID: 2

1. Were there NO cigarette butts around the entrance? (1 pts.) Y    
2. Were the doors opened for those entering/exiting? (1 pts.)   N  
3. Was the outside lot clean in all areas? (1 pts.) Y    
4. Was the lot lighted in all areas? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Were all lights operational to all sides? (1 pts.)   N  
6. Were the handicapped spaces available/marked? (1 pts.) Y    
7. Was the rear door closed and secure? (1 pts.)   N  
8. Was the dumpster area clean and secure? (No trash on ground)? (1 pts.) Y    
9. Was the door brass polished and shiny in all areas? (1 pts.)     NA
10. Were the walkways clean/dry/ in all areas? (1 pts.)   N  
11. Was music audible outside? (1 pts.) Y    
12. Comment:       
The outside entrance ramps were clean of debris but there were some icy areas of the ramp that were not recently sanded and they were slippery. The doors were not opened for any guests to enter or exit at any time. The parking lot was lighted in all areas and clean (no cans or other debris noted, but the two building lights to the far left of the doorway were out of order. The rear door was not secure and we noted two kitchen employees smoking a cigarette outside the door when we arrived; when exiting, the door was ajar with no one outside. There was a cigarette butt basket outside the door that had some trash debris in it (paper bag and water bottle) but very little debris on the ground or in the landscaping around the entrance.

Scored 6 out of 10 possible points

1. Phone answered in less than three rings? (1 pts.) Y    
2. Was the phone greeting understandable? (1 pts.) Y    
3. Did the person answering sound cheerful? (1 pts.) Y    
4. Were all questions answered with a positive tone? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Were you put on hold not longer than 30 seconds? (1 pts.)   N  
6. Did a smiling member of the host staff greet you at the door? (1 pts.)   N  
7. If there was a wait were you quoted an approximate wait time? (1 pts.) Y    
8. Were you directed where to wait and how you would be called? (1 pts.)   N  
9. If there was a wait, was the bar suggested as a waiting option or an alternative dining option? (1 pts.)   N  
10. Were you called to the table within the quote times? (1 pts.)   N  
11. Were you led slowly to the table and spoken with? (1 pts.)   N  
12. Were drinks from the bar carried to the table for the guests? (1 pts.)   N  
13. Were chairs pulled out for all guests? (1 pts.)     NA
14. Were menus handed to each guest? (1 pts.)   N  
15. Were menus all clean and in good condition? (1 pts.) Y    
16. Was a wine list presented with the menus? (1 pts.) Y    
17. Were specials mentioned by the host at any time? (1 pts.)   N  
18. Did host add personalization (Enjoy your meal)? (1 pts.)   N  
19. Did host remove extra placesettings/ adjust condiments when seated? (1 pts.)     NA
20. Were doors opened for any entering/exiting guests? (1 pts.)   N  
21. Were you asked for a smoking preference? (1 pts.)   N  
22. Did host bus any server tables? (1 pts.) Y    
23. Were guests acknowledged as they exited by anyone? (1 pts.)   N  
24. Comment:       

The hostess (WF, 21-25, 5'6", light brown hair to shoulder length, thin build, off white sweater and dark slacks) was infrequently at the host stand and usually was bussing and clearing tables in the dining room. Guests were greeted only when she returned to the host stand to briefly check her table chart. The hostess greeted guests "Hi, how are you?" and waited for a request. When she did not get one, she asked "Two for dinner? It is a pretty long waitÂ… probably about an hour and a half". She did not offer to take a name and when she did take a name she did not offer or suggest the bar as a waiting area or offer the bar tables as an alternative to waiting. She did tell guests "it got very busy very quickly" when people expressed surprise at the wait time quoted. The hostess consistently quoted the 90 minute wait time to most guests who arrived after we did, though at one time (7:00) she began quoting an hour as the wait, only to change it to 90 minutes again to the next party. One group arrived, and when told of the 90-minute wait, became very upset and said "Are you the lady we talked to at noon who told us we would not need reservations tonight? We called twice and were told that". The hostess was not writing down the time guests arrived, the time she quoted guests, and the time guests were seated to make more accurate quotes to other guests.

The hostess was pleasant and polite with all guests (including them most annoyed ones) but did not change her wait quotes. She said nothing to any guests who, when told of the quote, quickly left the unit rather than wait (no one was told to "try us again" or offered a better time to dine). Several groups left after hearing the quote time while we waited for seating. The hostess' quoting of wait times appeared wrong when she quoted us (tables were opening every few minutes and she said there were only 5-6 names on the wait list) so we waited for a table.

We were seated 28 minutes after being quoted 90 minutes for the table. The turnover would have been even quicker but we noted tables took from 9 (shortest time noted) to 20 minutes to be bussed, re-set, and reseated from the time they were vacated. The hostess called us to the table at 7:13 and led us there silently. She did not offer a coat check or point out the coat area to us at any time. She placed down two closed menus (both folded and creased in areas) in front of the seats and placed a wine list and laminated drink list on the edge of the table. She left with no comment to guests, but returned a moment later to silently fill water glasses off the table (female guest first). Kids were presented with crayons, a coloring page, and a balloon at two other tables. At one point we noted the hostess carried a kid's seat through the dining room with the legs out forward (rather than holding it with the legs down and not obscuring her vision or allowing her to ram into guests getting quickly out of the booths).

We exited at 8:22 PM. We passed the hostess who was standing with her back to the bar, but she said nothing to us as we passed to leave.

Scored 8 out of 21 possible points

1. Was the interior lighting at an appropriate level? (1 pts.) Y    
2. Was the area comfortable in temperature? (1 pts.)   N  
3. Was there audible music in the area? (1 pts.)   N  
4. Were ashtrays visible? Clean and wiped? Maintained thru visit? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Were all fire extinguishers in guest areas fully charged? (1 pts.) Y    
6. Was the floor and table area cleaned and maintained? (1 pts.) Y    
7. Were all plants in good condition? (1 pts.) Y    
8. Were all ledges and other upper areas clean/recently dusted? (1 pts.) Y    
9. Were the ceiling grates/smoke eaters free of caked dirt/dust? (1 pts.)   N  
10. Was all window glass clean and free of streaks? (1 pts.) Y    
11. Comment:       
The dining room was moderately to dimly lighted and cool in temperature (everyone wore sweaters or light jackets) with no audible music; there was audible music in the rest rooms and around the bar area but it was not audible in the dining area. An air grate on the upper wall was thickly coated with dust but all other plants and ledges appeared clean. The room was fully seated and remained full for the duration of the visit. The floor under and around the table was free of paper and food debris and we noted the wait staff looked under the tables for these items before re-seating the tables. Two staff members (including the hostess) bisseled the floor area during the visit. 

Scored 7 out of 10 possible points

Table Settings
1. Was the table clean and dry, including seats? (Check booth crevices, underside of table, table base) (1 pts.) Y    
2. Was the table completely set up before guests seated? (1 pts.) Y    
3. Was silverware spotless (no water spots)? (1 pts.)   N  
4. Was placement of all items correct (refer to diagram) ? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Comment:       
The silverware in front of one guest was heavily and obviously water spotted. We noted another instance where the hostess was re-setting a table and she handled the clean silverware by the eating surfaces (forks by the tines) when placing them down on the napkins.
Scored 3 out of 4 possible points

Service: Wine & Liquor
1. Were you acknowledged at earliest possible time? (1 pts.) Y    
2. Did wait fill water glasses off the table at greeting? (1 pts.) Y    
3. Did server bring fresh popcorn at (or before) the greeting? (1 pts.)     NA
4. Did server bring warm rolls and butter (one per guest) at the approach? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Were you asked for a drink order at the greeting? (1 pts.) Y    
6. Did server attempt to upsell any mixed drinks by size or liquor? (1 pts.) Y    
7. Did server suggest a bottle of wine at any time with the meals? (1 pts.)   N  
8. Was wine opened and presented correctly when served? (refer to detail) (1 pts.) Y    
9. Did manager present any bottles of wine over $45.00? (1 pts.)     NA
10. Was bottle placed down with label facing guest who ordered it? (1 pts.) Y    
11. Did server handle all glasses by the base or barrel, not the rim? (1 pts.) Y    
12. Were refills of drinks offered within 3 minutes of being empty? (1 pts.) Y    
13. Were all drinks delivered using a tray (not hand carried)? (1 pts.) Y    
14. Were all drinks placed on ONE fresh bevnap? (1 pts.) Y    
15. Did server know wine characteristics when asked? (1 pts.) Y    
16. Comment:       
We took seats at 7:14 and were greeted by our waitress Wendy (WF, reddish brown curly hair, black jersey, slacks, and shoes, no name tag or introduction at any time) a moment later. She brought over a basket of warm bread with four butter pats and said "Good evening. How are you tonight? Very good. Can I get you anything to drink?". When asked for a gin and tonic she attempted to upsell it by liquor and listed the gin choices ("do you want Tangueray? Beefeater?"). When asked for a "red wine" she asked "Cabernet? Merlot? Pinot Noir?" and then listed the two label choices as "We have a Mondavi and Casa Lapostelle" and explained where each was from but did not mention any characteristics until asked. She said "The Mondavi is from California... I think the other is from Chile". 

When we wondered aloud which was better Wendy recommended the more expensive of the two choices (another wait working the table next to us was asked for a red wine as well and they were not given a choice of labels and were served the least expensive choice). There was no mention made of the wine list (which was on the table) at any time. When we finally asked for two glasses of the same wine, she did not attempt to upsell the order to a bottle.

A taller female wait (25-29, brown hair, 5'9") working nearby served a bottle of wine to a table and presented the label to the guest while carrying a white napkin. She poured the taste with a twist of the wrist but never used the white napkin to wipe the lip of the bottle before or after any of the pours. The label of the wine was facing the guest who ordered it when placed down on the table.

Scored 12 out of 13 possible points

Wait Table Service
1. All Beverages are served to the right where possible? (1 pts.) Y    
2. Was a bevnap used with ALL drink service at the table (including wine)? (1 pts.) Y    
3. All food is served from the left where possible? (1 pts.)     NA
4. Was putting elbows in guest's face avoided? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Were women served first in all instances? (1 pts.)   N  
6. Was all food delivered correctly with NO food auction? (1 pts.) Y    
7. Was all food served with main item at 6:00 towards guest? (1 pts.) Y    
8. Was pepper offered with all saute dishes/ soup/ salads? (1 pts.) Y    
9. Was fresh grind cheese offered with all pasta dishes? (1 pts.) Y    
10. Were coffee cups filled at side station before reaching table? (1 pts.) Y    
11. Was coffee served on underliner saucer with spoon, creamers? (1 pts.) Y    
12. Coffee cup handle placed at 5:00? (1 pts.) Y    
13. Was a coffee refill offered at any time? (1 pts.) Y    
14. Coffee refills poured away from the table? (1 pts.) Y    
15. Were water glasses refilled constantly before empty? (1 pts.) Y    
16. Were any of the board specials not on the menu mentioned by the wait? (1 pts.) Y    
17. Were ANY daily specials mentioned? (1 pts.) Y    
18. Comment:       
Wendy delivered the drinks five minutes later on a tray and served the female guest first. She placed both wines down on bevnaps and held the glasses by the upper barrel rather than the rims but not by the stem. The red wine glasses were nearly full when served and the outside of one glass was slightly gritty. The entrees were served by another female server (reddish brown straight hair tied back in a short pony tail) 25 minutes after ordering them. The runner auctioned the food and asked "who is having the char?" and served the male guest first rather than the female. She asked "Can I get you some fresh ground black pepper? Do you have everything you need for now?". Due to the booth seating, left/right service was not in effect, but most guests were served food items from the left at the center tables. 
Scored 15 out of 16 possible points

Wait Attitude
1. Does the wait smile often? (1 pts.) Y    
2. Does wait establish eye contact easily and often? (1 pts.) Y    
3. Does wait initiate conversation outside of the order taking at any time? (1 pts.)   N  
4. Did wait compliment any orders when taking them? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Did wait use positive words consistently ? (Please/Thank You/Wonderful!) (1 pts.) Y    
6. Did wait listen well to the guests when ordering? (1 pts.) Y    
7. Did wait appear to be enjoying work? (1 pts.) Y    
8. Would you return and ask for the server? (1 pts.) Y    
9. Did server ask any/all under 30 guests for ID before serving drinks? (1 pts.)   N  
10. Did wait check back on food quality (apps/entrees) within 5 minutes? (1 pts.) Y    
11. Did wait present fresh silver on a sideplate with black napkin? (1 pts.)     NA
12. Did wait use pen with no logo and carry a wine key with them? (1 pts.)   N  
13. Did wait have clean, standard uniform? (1 pts.)   N  
14. Was server organized and consolidated in work area? (1 pts.) Y    
15. Comment:       
Wendy was pleasant and polite and smiled whenever at the table. She spoke clearly but did not initiate any conversation with any guests outside of the order taking. She appeared very comfortable conversing with guests, showed a sense of humor, and was responsible for at least two other tables in a wide area of the dining room (one of the tables had 10 guests). She could not look at all tables each time in her section but glanced over at us each time she passed to see if we needed anything obvious.

Wendy wore a dirty apron (stains to the lower side) and never introduced herself at any time. The pen handed to us to sign the credit card voucher had a Drug Company logo on it. Wendy did not ask an under 30 guest at the table (female, 28) for ID at any time before serving liquor. She did ask for an ID from a male guest at the table next to us but did not do so in an authoritative manner ("I hate to ask, but do you have an ID you can show me? I have to ask...") and never compared the ID picture against the guests' face.

Scored 9 out of 13 possible points

Video Game Room
1. Are all video games working? (1 pts.)     NA
2. Was the video game room clean and busses regularly? (1 pts.)     NA
3. Was there cocktail service available in the video game room? (1 pts.)     NA
4. Comment:       
This section does not apply to this shop, but is included to show different areas that can be reviewed if desired. A checklist section can be created for any particular area of any business.

Scored 0 out of 0 possible points

Cocktail Servers
1. Do the CT waits make food and drink suggestions? (1 pts.)   N  
2. Are bevnaps used with all drink service? (1 pts.) Y    
3. Did CT wait use trays for all drinks service? (1 pts.) Y    
4. Did CT wait handle glasses by the barrel and not the rim? (1 pts.)   N  
5. Did CT wait quote the price due before payment? (1 pts.) Y    
6. Did CT wait call the tendered bill denomination? (1 pts.)   N  
7. Did CT wait count change back when returning it? (1 pts.)   N  
8. Did CT wait thank the guest for the sale? (1 pts.) Y    
9. Did the CT wait thank the guest for cash tips? (1 pts.) Y    
10. Did the CT wait handle all other cash transactions in a consistent manner? (1 pts.) Y    
11. Were prices from the CT wait the same as those charged at the bar? (1 pts.) Y    
12. Was the CT wait consistently in the area every 10 minutes or less? (1 pts.) Y    
13. Comment:       
While waiting in the bar area we were approached by the cocktail wait working the entire area: Denise (WF with brown curly hair, 5'3", 23-27, clean standard uniform, no name tag) handled all of the standing guests and three bar tables. Denise approached within five minutes of our entering the bar and said "Can I get you two anything to drink?". She did not upsell a gin and tonic to a call liquor but quickly listed all of the beer choices (not missing any of the varieties as the sample bottles were in view). She tray carried all items to guests, served all drinks with bevnaps, but handled the glasses by the rims rather than the barrels when placing them down. We noted all of the DR waits handled glasses by the rims when picking up glasses from the service bar.

Denise quoted a price of $5.50 for a mixed drink and soft drink (the prices matched the DR prices we were charged later) but did not call the tendered $20.00 bill or count the change back when returning it. She did not return a receipt with change but clearly appeared to have entered the drinks to the system as a dupe printed at service for her to get the drinks and the bartender worked only from the dupes and not from any verbally called orders. We noted in two instances Denise quoted prices like ours ($5.50) and returned paper bills but not coin change and fumbled around looking for the coin rather than having it ready to return to guests (there was clearly enough coin in a glass on her tray). It appeared Denise hoped to get the coin left as a tip by having guests wave her away as she fumbled to find the coin. When guests left paper bills as well she was tipped better than she apparently expected to be. Denise thanked us for both the sale and a dollar cash tip left on the tray.


Scored 8 out of 12 possible points

Server Food Order/Merchandising
1. Did server offer or suggest an appetizer at any time? (before or after prompt) (1 pts.) Y    
2. Did server mention soup of the day or chowder at any time? (1 pts.)   N  
3. Did server suggest or recommend an item to a hesitant guest? (1 pts.)   N  
4. Did server mention the specials before the food orders were taken? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Were out of stock items mentioned before food order placed? (1 pts.)   N  
6. Did wait suggest the BEST items (to guest's tastes) when making suggestions? (1 pts.) Y    
7. Did server offer multiple choice questions (example- potato/rice choices) during food order? (1 pts.) Y    
8. Did server offer sharing an item between guests at any time (apps/ dessert)? (1 pts.)   N  
9. Did server hold all bottles with labels facing the guest (visual merchandising)? (1 pts.) Y    
10. Did server present (hand) opened dessert menu without asking? (1 pts.)     NA
11. Did server mention or offer dessert at any time? (1 pts.) Y    
12. Did server suggest a specific item to the guest at this time? (1 pts.)   N  
13. Was coffee offered/ suggested at end of meal at any time? (1 pts.) Y    
14. Was cappuccino/ dessert drinks/ espresso offered at any time? (1 pts.)   N  
15. Comment:       
Wendy listed the specials when placing down the drinks and pointed out one item that was a special but not listed in the menu. She did not list any out of stock items and one table nearby ordered a filet, only to be told "there is no filet... it has gotten too expensive and is off the menu". Wendy did not suggest another similar item the guest might like. Wendy returned at 7:25 and asked "Are you all set to order?". We said we were starving and requested haddock for one meal; Wendy listed the side choices ("mashed, fries, or rice?") then said, "OK", and looked to the second guest for an order. When we hesitated and said we were still not sure what to order Wendy remained silent and waited for 14 seconds without suggesting anything, and then said "I can give you another minute if you like". Wendy's eyes darted around the room as one guest struggled with the choice. When we stressed we were actually very hungry she said "What can I help you with?". When asked for something light she said "you might try the scallops special, that is pretty light. The arctic char is pretty light". When asked what char was she said "It is a fish. It is kind of like salmon but tastes more like Halibut" (The menu states it is actually a farm raised cross of salmon and trout). There was no mention of larger salads vegetable items.

After taking the two entree orders Wendy asked "Is there anything else I can get for you? Appetizer? Salad? Anything to go with that? OK, thank you". She did not specifically suggest any appetizer of any kind. The bread was empty at this point but we were never offered a refill of it. We stopped Wendy at 7:35 and asked for a cup of the soup of the day. She delivered the soup four minutes later but never added it to the check at any time. Wendy offered a refill of an empty wine glass when bussing the soup cup and asked how we liked the soup.

Scored 7 out of 13 possible points

Food Quality
1. Were meals attractively presented? (1 pts.) Y    
2. Was hot food hot/ cold food cold? (1 pts.) Y    
3. Were all items served as described in the menu? (1 pts.)   N  
4. Were you asked if anything else was needed? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Were salad contents fresh/ cold bowls/ uniform size toppings? (1 pts.)     NA
6. Did server check back on food quality within five minutes of the service? (1 pts.) Y    
7. Was a manager involved in any way with a returned food order? (1 pts.)   N  
8. Were Kids Menu items properly presented? NO hot plates; Food Warm enough? (1 pts.)     NA
9. Were Kids Menu portion sizes correct; neither too little or too much? (1 pts.)     NA
10. Comment:       
The sirloin steak was cooked exactly as ordered, (MR) and was tender throughout. The baked potato was hot and white and split when served. The menu stated the meal came with squash but it was served with grilled asparagus stacked to the side of the potato with a green cilantro garnish to one side and parsley sprinkled around the plate. The haddock was well presented with bread crumbs atop the fish, a light butter/lemon sauce, and garlic mashed potatoes. The butternut squash chunks were not grilled enough (no dark sides at all as previous orders have been) and they did not have the same flavor/texture as a result. Garnishes were similar to the other plate. 

The South West hearty vegetable soup was served in a cup with clean spoon along with oyster crackers. The soup was hot but rather thin and watery (it did not hold up the description “hearty”). One table nearby returned an item for being cold and the re-cooked item was delivered by the waitress who took the order, not the manager. The manager did not visit the table at any time.

Scored 4 out of 6 possible points

Clearing Tables/Bussing
1. Did busser use trays (NO bus tubs) to clear all areas? (1 pts.) Y    
2. Were plates cleared only when all guests finished and asked if ready? (1 pts.) Y    
3. Were all plates and beverages cleared from the right side only where possible? (1 pts.) Y    
4. Were items pre-bussed when possible during the meal? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Were all food spills wiped after entrees were removed? (1 pts.) Y    
6. Was deliberate food spill removed/ table crumbed onto B&B plate or napkin? (1 pts.) Y    
7. Was the placemat removed with dirty entree dish? (1 pts.) Y    
8. Were no plates stacked at the table when removed? (1 pts.) Y    
9. Did bussers use trays covered with napkins (no bus buckets) ? (1 pts.) Y    
10. Were full trays covered with a napkin before carried off? (1 pts.) Y    
11. Was table underside cleared of all debris before re-seating? (1 pts.) Y    
12. Were all vacated tables cleared/re-set/reseated within 5 minutes on a wait? (1 pts.) Y    
13. Comment:       
Vacated tables were bussed and completely wiped down before being re-seated but paper and food debris under the tables was never picked up and this area was never checked before the tables were re-seated. We tossed a sugar packet under one table when it vacated and it was re-seated with the packet still underneath it. Items visible in the aisles were picked up immediately. The deliberate food spill left on the table top was never wiped and coffee was placed down atop some of the spill. 
Scored 12 out of 12 possible points

Check Presentation
1. Was check presented within 5 minutes of service of last item? (1 pts.) Y    
2. Was total circled and check personalized THANK YOU? (1 pts.) Y    
3. Were ALL items served to you entered properly to the check? (1 pts.)   N  
4. Was the check processed within 3 minutes of placing down? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Did wait use guest's name on the credit card when returning it? (1 pts.)   N  
6. Were you thanked for coming and asked to return? (1 pts.)   N  
7. Comment:       
We finished the meals and pushed away the plates at 8:10. Wendym returned at 8:13 and bussed the plates, then asked if we wanted left over food wrapped to go. She did not wipe the table top of a large, obvious food spill at any time. Wendy asked "Any coffee or dessert?" but did not suggest any specific items. When we stated we each could not eat a whole dessert she did not suggest a lighter item or suggest sharing one and simply left the table. Wendy returned a moment later with the wrapped TO GO food and the check in a black holder. She placed the check in a tented position in the middle of the table and said "thank you".

The check was not personalized but the total was circled. The soup (ordered five minutes after the entree order) was not entered to the check. We asked for coffee after the check was presented and Wendy delivered the coffee without taking back the check and making the addition to it. Wendy returned the voucher and card with a check copy and said "thank you very much" but did not ask us to return. She returned the female guestsÂ’ credit card to the male guest and never looked at the name or attempted to use it. 

Scored 3 out of 6 possible points

Manager Presence
1. Was manager visible in the dining room area during the meal? (1 pts.) Y    
2. Were any problems with drinks/food handled by the manager? (1 pts.)   N  
3. Did manager pro-actively visit any tables of unknown guests in the dining room? (1 pts.)   N  
4. Comment:       
The only possible manager noted (WM, 40Â’s, 6Â’0”, thinning sandy hair, white pressed shirt and tie) was visible briefly around the host stand area but he did not walk through the dining room or interact with any of the seated guests he did not know at the tables at any time. When one table returned an item the waitress who took the order delivered the re-cook and the manager did not visit the table at any time. 
Scored 1 out of 3 possible points

1. Did server bus/serve any other guests of another server? (1 pts.)   N  
2. Did server pick up any floor debris rather than walk past? (1 pts.) Y    
3. Comment:       
Wendy did not serve any tables of guests she was not waiting on. We noted the table next to us placed a payment on their table at 7:55, and the payment was passed twice by Wendy and once by another wait before finally picked up by the wait handling the table. Food runners delivered food items; this was the only teamwork noted. Floor debris was picked up quickly by the first staff member to pass it.
Scored 1 out of 2 possible points

Rest Rooms
1. Was floor clean of all paper/ water debris? (1 pts.) Y    
2. Was there a visible sign directing employee use? (1 pts.)   N  
3. Were all fixtures clean (include air grates/ walls/etc) (1 pts.) Y    
4. Was there ample paper supplies in the stalls? (1 pts.) Y    
5. Was there soap available? (1 pts.) Y    
6. Were there paper towels or working hand dryers available? (1 pts.) Y    
7. Was vanity/ floor area clean and dry in all areas ? (1 pts.) Y    
8. Were checklists updated and current? (1 pts.)     NA
9. Was the waste basket lined and covered? (1 pts.)   N  
10. Did the room have a pleasant odor? (1 pts.) Y    
11. Comment:       
Scored 7 out of 9 possible points

Subjective Analysis
1. Please comment on any aspect(s) of the food or service:       
Subjectively, we found the hostess incapable of handling the business level (and it seemed much busier than expected for a Wednesday night) and thought she turned away several parties (who left the unit) that could easily have been seated in 1/3 of the time quoted. The lack of a busser for the shift slowed down table turns (the quickest turn of a table we noted was 12 minutes from being vacated to being re-seated; the longest table turn was 19 minutes) and there was a constant wait for tables. Wendy was personable, pleasant, and more of an order taker than a suggestive seller, but touched on all areas of the menu in one manner or another. She asked for appetizer and dessert orders, but never suggested any specific items or tried to tempt guests with descriptions or comments like "save room for dessert!". Food quality was consistent and presentations were attractive and as ordered. We were not charged for the soup or the coffee on the final check.

Scored 0 out of 0 possible points



Category Points Scored Question Weight Percentage
Building 6 10 60.00%
Host 8 21 38.10%
Ambiance 7 10 70.00%
Table Settings 3 4 75.00%
Service: Wine & Liquor 12 13 92.31%
Wait Table Service 15 16 93.75%
Wait Attitude 9 13 69.23%
Video Game Room 0 0 0
Cocktail Servers 8 12 66.67%
Server Food Order/Merchandising 7 13 53.85%
Food Quality 4 6 66.67%
Clearing Tables/Bussing 12 12 100.00%
Check Presentation 3 6 50.00%
Manager Presence 1 3 33.33%
Teamwork 1 2 50.00%
Rest Rooms 7 9 77.78%
Subjective Analysis 0 0 0
Summary 103 150 68.67%